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Benefits of Anodize Masking

Anodize masking is a process of selectively covering specific areas of a metal part or surface to protect them from the anodizing treatment, ensuring they remain untreated or retain their original finish. Available for Type II & Type III Anodizing. Colors include: Clear, Grey, Black, Green, OD Green, Gold, Copper, Tan, Red, Orange, Purple, Blue, and other colors upon request.



  • Selective Protection: Allows specific areas to remain untreated during anodizing, preserving their original properties or finishes.


  • Design Precision: Enables intricate designs and precise control over the anodizing process.


  • Cost Efficiency: Reduces material waste and rework, leading to cost savings.


  • Complex Parts: Ideal for masking intricate or delicate parts.


  • Customization: Facilitates unique color or finish combinations on a single part.


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